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We've helped companies in numerous industries. The common denominator among our clients is that they are organizational leaders who are interested in building relationships and developing partnerships in the legislative and policy-making arenas, which allows them to further their mission and organizational vision.

Legislative consulting services


Our experience and relationships with the right contacts in government allow us to navigate the legislative landscape to help push clients' agendas forward. 

Driving legislative agendas


First, we broaden our clients' spheres of influence by introducing them to key decision makers and helping them convey and educate legislators about the persistent issues surrounding their industry and pending legislation. Then, we guide clients through the process of understanding legislative procedures and policy.

Regulatory consulting


We specialize in industries that are heavily regulated and we understand the inner-workings of regulatory legislation. We tap into this knowledge by consulting and advising clients on regulatory matters affecting their business operations.










Government contracts:

Government RFP processing

Government RFP contracts can be difficult to understand and often challenging to complete. It's important to get an early understanding of what’s required and gain assistance throughout the entire process. We have helped numerous clients design the right RFP response, including making sure that questions are answered thoroughly and completely in order to submit a strong RFP.

Building influencer relationships


We work in both the "grass roots" and the "grass tops" to help you build the relationships you need in the local communities that are most important to you. We help clients identify the right influencers and elected officials in those communities. Then, we help them mobilize support locally to drive their agenda forward.

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